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(Tallahassee, Fla - 6/17/2006) Blue Arch Solutions presents two sessions at the Tallahassee Code Camp '06.
Tom Fuller (CTO of Blue Arch Solutions) delivered two sessions at the second annual Tallahassee Code Camp on the Florida State University Campus.

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(Tampa, Fla - 6/12/2006) Blue Arch Solutions co-founders Tom Fuller and Shawn Morgan deliver a half day of SOA training at TechEd Outcasts.
Tom Fuller (CTO of Blue Arch Solutions) and Shawn Morgan (CEO of Blue Arch Solutions) gave a half day preview of their soon to be released SOA in .NET BootcampTM training. The attendee list included close to 40 local technologists that decided to brave the first tropical storm activity of the year in Tampa Bay.

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(Jacksonville, Fla - 6/7/2006) Blue Arch Solutions CTO Tom Fuller is guest speaker at the Jacksonville .NET User Group.
Tom Fuller took his talk about software factories to another city in the southeast when he visited Jacksonville Florida. Approximately 30 attendees were on hand to discuss the latest deliverables from the patterns and practices group at Microsoft related to Software Factories.

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Welcome To Blue Arch Solutions!
Blue Arch Solutions, headquartered in Tampa, FL, was founded by two highly-motivated, technical architects who felt that the current environment of "pull and submit" IT staffing providers is not productive for either the company or the individual who is being offered. We believe that matching a company's needs means more then just submitting resumes. BAS provides support to companies through the use of highly-skilled technicians, architectural guidance, and training. BAS also provides support to its employees by offering mentorship, and an opportunity to learn and increase their value in the industry.

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